Black widow bite


Black widow spider is mostly known clinically for its highly dangerous poison. These are the most numerous and the most poisonous spiders widespread around the globe.

Effects of Black Widow Spider Bite

black_widow_spiders-1-2Female black widow is mainly known for biting. It has a glossy black color, its body has a diameter of 1 cm, 5 cm length of the legs; it has an illustrious red mark on the abdomen which has an hourglass shape. They mostly spread their webs in the stack of firewood, sheds, basements or outdoor toilets; black widow is very hostile and bites victims at the slightest provocation on her part. The spider’s venom causes diffuse central and peripheral nerve stimulation, causing muscle spasms, hypertension and vasospasm.

During its whole life span, the female black widow can be fertilized only once, but keep the genetic heritage of the male for a long time, doing their own fertilization of eggs by themselves.

Black widow bite symptoms. Generally, these symptoms are sometimes intense, verse periodically, and then sharpening.blackwindowbiteblackwindowbite3
Therefore, be sure to seek medical help in case of the slightest suspicion of a bite of a black widow. Treatment should be performed in a hospital or intensive care unit.The most effective method is considered to be the introduction of specific antitoxic serum, which is not always readily available in all hospitals. So in the absence of this, it is advisable to conduct a pathogenic treatment aimed at reducing effects and eliminating the toxins from the systemic circulation. To do this, sodium chloride or calcium gluconate are introduced into the patients system, and there should be close monitoring of the victims pulse.

You should know that black spiders generally do not attack, but it can bite humans in its self-defense and its pain is not felt in the body instantly, but after a period of time like 10 minutes

After a momentary sensation of acute pain at the point of the bite in about 20 minutes to one hour, the pain moves from one place, and then it gradually spread, increasing its intensity and cramping. It can capture all the limbs and trunk. The stomach then becomes thick as a board, and the waves of pain are painful, causing the patient to develop thrash and scream.

headache, sweating, salivation, twitching, tremors, limb paralysis and sometimes systolic hypertension. Normally this also makes many patients have mild fever. After a prolonged period of pain and decrease relapse within 2-3 days, the intense pain ma result into the death of the victim especially in children and the elderly.
Clinically, it looks like this:

  • The direct bite of black widow causes a sharp pain inform of sting.
  • Between the onset of symptoms and bite it takes some time (1-2 hours) by type of lucid intervals
  • There is a feeling of intense pain on the point of bite which is as a result of the destruction of nerve endings
  • The toxin leaves an appearance of blue darkening patterns on the skin, which can acquire the common character
  • There is an absolute rise in the temperature of the bite area
  • This can later result to malfunctioning of the body system like fainting and lethargy to coma, brain disorder, etc.
  • Common muscle pain and spasm
  • Spastic syndrome
  • Eruptions in the form of small hemorrhages throughout the body
  • Also brings drop in blood pressure and severe frequent palpitations;
  • Nausea and vomiting with a feeling of severe headache
  • Profuse sweating and salivation;

Diagnosing Black Widow spider bites

Black-widow-biteSince the bite itself is invisible, doctors often suggest that pain in a patient caused by any acute disease in the abdominal cavity – a perforated ulcer, pancreatitis or appendicitis. Among other conditions, which should be a differential diagnosis include renal colic, myocardial infarction, tetanus, strychnine poisoning and lead colic. All the conditions mentioned above are in line with the bite of this spider.
In order to specifically identify the spider, it is advisable to put the spider in a jar or plastic bag and take it along to the doctor for proper identification. You should always consult a doctor.

When a victim is bitten, it is advisable and necessary to act very quickly, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to the venom. In this case, the antidote must be administered within an hour after the bite.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that some of the following steps:
    Antibiotic cream or lotion may be immediately applied to the site to prevent infection.
  • Wash the area with soap and water.
  • Apply an ice pack or cold compress.
  • If the victim is experiencing severe symptoms, call for emergency medical assistance.
  • Treatment of spider bites Black Widow:blackwindowbite2
  • If poisoning as a result of the bite, treatments to apply include carrying out activities that reduce pain like administering antitoxic serum.
  • Primarily, the patient should be placed in a hot bath, which will provide him immediate, although temporary, relief.

How to kill a black widow spider?

  1. You can use industrial spray or powder to eliminate these spiders, but do not buy sprays and powders at the grocery or hardware store. You will need to contact a professional company or to find the necessary funds in the online store. This is the only commendable ways of getting reliable solutions
  2. Apply pesticide sprays in every area of your home. This spray or powder to instantly kill a black widow, if they try to get into the house. Be sure to surround your property with these spray or powder continuously to ensure that the spider does not find an opening.
  3. Some forms of pesticide can be inducted into the ground. In addition to movement on the ground spider can penetrate into the room through burrowing of ground. Also spray the windows and doors, as well as every dark areas of the house and the dark corners of the floor under the furniture
  4.  If you see a black widow in the house or outdoors, move away slowly. Quickly wear shoes with hard soles and trample on them vigorously.
  5.  if a black widow spider is held by bare hands, its poison can still be in circulation, it is advisable to remove its dead body from the house by using a dust pan and broom

PS. If you have any problems with these insects, ask questions in the comments, we will try to help you
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Black widow bite
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