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Looking at the variety of traps for cockroaches and ants, suffering from bed bugs infestation urban apartment dweller often tries to find similar trap for bedbugs for sale. Typically, these searches end in nothing: such traps from bedbugs there are very few, and those that are available are much less effective than their counterparts in the fight, for example, with cockroaches.

The reason that traps for bed bugs are hardly manufactured, is that bedbugs themselves are very difficult to draw in such a trap. There’s no such problem with cockroaches and ants — they run to sweet, salty or any food products and water. Omnivory makes them vulnerable.

bed bugs

Bedbugs feed only on human blood, and none of the goodies can bring them into a trap. In addition, they find  their victim — a sleeping man — not only by scent, but for a combination of scents that you cannot simulate by simple at hand products.

That is why those traps for bedbugs, those that can be bought for crazy money today, are so complex in use, and in manufacturing.

In this respect, the simplest traps for insects, working without engaging them, can be successfully used, if not for complete destruction, then at least to partially combat bedbugs.

Adhesive tape for bugs combating?

Special Velcro traps are widely known and popular to fight moths, cockroaches, flies and ants. For each pest such traps have its form.

For example, to combat flies this would be a spreadable reel, with a piece of Ribbon to be cut and hung on the ceiling.

Velcro for cockroaches is a good choice to deal with the bugs since it has sheets of cardboard with a special long stripe of nondrying glue on its surface.

They are convenient to place under the tables and on the ground, in places highly infested with cockroaches.

Trapper Insect Trap (Great for Bed Bugs, Spiders, Cockroaches) – Includes 90 Traps . Price $24.94

Traps_for_bed_bugs -4

At normal room temperature bedbugs feed once in 4-5 days. This should be kept in mind when developing a strategy for their destruction.

Such traps against bedbugs should be used taking into account the specifics of the behavior and habitats of these parasites:Traps_for_bed_bugs -6

  1. Completely surround all the legs of the bed with traps for bedbugs, and move to sleep on other beds or sofas for some nights up to two weeks. If not — on the floor. For a few days yet hungry bed bugs and focusing on smell, try to move en masse from surrounded by traps beds to a new place of accommodation of people. Because they do not know how to fly and can only go down the legs of beds, they all fall on the Velcro.
  2. Several traps should be placed under the feet of the bed — with a high probability some bedbugs in the house are hiding in other furniture and climb on the bed on legs at night. If the bedbugs bite at night, but no one sticks on such traps around the legs, then, most likely, the parasites hide in the bed on which one sleeps and attack at night moving from mattress to sleeping people. In this case, you should make a major step …

    Bed Bug ClimbUp® Interceptors (pack of 12) passive traps for bed legs . Price: $33.37


3.Adhesive sheets are placed inside the beds and sofas where people sleep. Free space above them should be left so that the traps do not stick to the surfaces of furniture. It is advisable to check traps often and place them where the quantity of the bugs is the largest.

It is important to remember that such an operation should be carried out for at least 10-12 days until oviposited eggs in old mattress begin to hatch out and descend from beds to traps in search of forage.

The downside of this method of getting rid of bedbugs is its duration. In addition, if bedbugs live in the house and on the bed, and other secluded areas, for total annihilation from them the new sleeping place must be surrounded with a solid ring of traps. It’s generally inexpensive — one trap for bedbugs can be around 5 $, but troublesome, and bring some inconvenience in case the man himself accidentally steps on such Velcro at night.

On the other hand, the merits of such a method of deducing of bedbugs is cheapness and security. No poison, no complicated mechanisms. Only secure means.

Really effective trap for Bedbugs: principle of operation

American company Beacon offers to buy more technologically sophisticated, but significantly more advanced trap for bedbugs. Their product is a large vessel with liquid CO2 — carbon dioxide, coupled with the special tube umbrella, which is installed on the floor.

Bed Bug Beacon Monitor for Bed Bugs. Price: $215.52

Traps_for_bed_bugs -2

The principle of operation of this trap is that bedbugs are attracted in her normal human respiratory product — with carbon dioxide. Scientists believe that CO2 exhaled by a sleeping man, is a guide to retiring hunting bedbugs. Accordingly, if under a plastic umbrella constantly goes steamy carbon dioxide, it attracts bedbugs, who believe that it is a sleeping man.

This trap is called Bed Bug Beacon. It has the following characteristics:

* the total weight is about a kilogram

* diameter of umbrella-15 cm

* the volume of the vessel with the carbonic acid is 0.5 liters

Trap set in places where bedbugs move more often — about beds, wardrobes, along the edge of the carpet.Bed Bug Beacon Monitor for Bed Bugs

Today, inventors try to apply this type of entrapment odorous substances allocated by bugs to attract individuals of their own species. These devices undergo an experimental stage for now, but are already showing encouraging results: concentrated bedbug attractor should be more attractive to insects than the smell of a sleeping man.

The disadvantage of the Bed Bug Beacon is only bringing bedbugs — after hitting the umbrella they just remain in it, not knowing where to crawl. One needs to destroy the bugs himself. Usually, for this purpose the bugs are swept into the toilet bowl.

Several more traps work on the same principle. For example, a more cumbersome trap for bedbugs NightWatch Bed Bug Trap and Monitor, which also allows using the night vision device to see the movement around it.

NightWatch Bed Bug Trap and Monitor. Price: $299.0

NightWatch Bed Bug Trap and Monitor

Homemade traps to detect bed bugs in the House

Such traps are intended not so much to combat the bugs as to detect them and identify their hideouts. They are produced in two main schemes:coke

  1. Two-lined cups from McDonald’s or from the COFFE, one smaller and one larger. Pour some sugar powder on the bottom of a large and drip vegetable oil on it. Once on such mixture, the bedbug can no longer get out of the cup. A small glass is put in the large one, and the foot of the bed where people sleep is put in the small glass. A similar design is prepared for all legs of the bed.
  2. Take a plastic plate, pour some talc in it, and spread the graphite grease on the edges. One plate is placed at each foot of the bed.

Detection and identification of bedbugs is the same as when using the Velcro straps. In General, the use of Velcro rollers trap much easier, one can resort to glasses and plates only when sticky traps are not on sale.

Specialized industrial traps from bedbugs

Some bug combat services have traps for bedbugs, the principle work of which is to prepare specific houses where bedbugs try to hide as in shelters.

These houses have plates with insecticides of contact action inside. Sitting in plates, parasites are poisoned in a while.Traps_for_bed_bugs -5

The efficiency of the traps of this kind is extremely low. Bedbugs are very conservative in choosing hiding places, and don’t go massively into the trap. Moreover, the chance that a substantial part of the parasites will find such trap is also quite low. Not surprising that exterminators prefer to use more dangerous, but reliable method -processing premises with insecticides to combat bugs.

In General, such devices also work and can help to fight the bugs. But if the resident of the apartment wants to get rid of bed bugs quickly and without special hassle, it would be easier and more efficient to call exterminator brigade or use an effective insecticidal tool himself.

PS:If you have any problems withthese insects, ask questions in the comments, we will try to help you

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Traps for bed bugs
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