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Companies engaged in the fight against parasites, are often considered by the owners of premises as an extreme option that should be used only when  you cannot eliminate insects from the house on your own.This approach is not completely correct.

where bed bugs live

In fact the disinfection service is probably the most efficient, reliable, fast and safe way of extermination the parasites out of the house. The following reasons confirm that:

  • each disinfection service uses  really powerful insecticidal preparations that destroy bedbugs after the first application.
  • usually, the good bedbugs extermination service destroys not only adults, but also their eggs (or at least the bigger amount of them) during the first processing. It means that the bedbugs will no reproduce again in the  apartment after the processing.
  • when disinfection service works indoors, tenants should not stay inside(it is even strictly prohibited), as that excludes the risk of poisoning or allergies to drugs that are used.

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But the main thing, that provides service of bedbugs elimination is the economy of efforts, nerves and health of house dwellers. Anyone who tried to poison bedbugs by themselves, knows how time-consuming and annoying it is, especially when insecticide product is very toxic and has a strong repulsive odour. When you call for disinfectors, you pass these duties to them.

Perhaps, the main drawback of the treatment in this service is the high price. As a rule, the insecticide for processing premises on your own is costs 1.5-2 times less than disinsectors service.

And of course, there is always a risk to deal with unscrupulous disinfectors, who will take the money for the work, and then leave you alone with bugs. Perhaps these two negative factors convince many owners of premises to poison bedbugs with the help of their own efforts.

Disinfection service or your own efforts: what and when should I prefer?

In most cases, the service of getting rid of bedbugs is more preferable option. There are some cases when you need to ask the help of professional disinfector:where bedbugs hide

  • owners of spacious houses and apartments. Sometimes,it is very difficult  to handle with residential area that is more than 50 m².
  • when tenants have allergies forinsect repellents;
  • tenants that havestrongly infected premises, where bedbugs live in places not easy to access;
  • when there is a reliable firm for removingbedbugs available.
  • if you cannot buy reliable disinfection means in a particular place.

And vice versa, it makes sense to eliminate bedbugs in low quantity from small apartments on your own, when there is a possibility to use enhanced disinfection means.

Experience shows that the the financial factor plays the most important role. If you do not have enough money to pay for disinfection service, you have to poison parasites by yourself.

Even when you call disinfectors, the owners of premises still have certain duties, at least you need to do wet cleaning after processing the apartment or house and almost always put the furniture to its places. 

Some firms that fight with bugs treat the premises with the help of hot steam. Such an approach is the most safe and effective, but such methods are available only for large companies, as the equipment is expensive and not affordable for small businesses.

Cold fog generators or hot fog generators can be also used against bedbugs: aerosol contains an insecticide and is able to penetrate into the most inaccessible places.

freezing bedbugs

Furthermore, the experts of  good companies are fully equipped with personal protective devices, such as gas masks, special chemical protection suits, gloves and glasses. All these equipments are necessary to avoid irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as to exclude ingress of insecticides in the respiratory system and digestive system.

Most companies that fight with insects in apartment produce only spraying and processing of places where bedbugs lives. Therefore, managers of these organizations usually require that residents should move their furniture and remove the carpets from walls before processing. Some companies carry out this work for an additional fee.

As a rule, they treat all surfaces and all the furniture from bedbugs indoors, and, sometimes, clothes in closets. In poor houses scattered insecticide powder can be poured out and so you should not clean up within a few days. Usually, after treatment disinfectors give some advice how to  prevent further bedbugs appearences in the house.

Choose The Best Company for  Bedbugs Removal

When choosing a company to fight with insects you should always prefer big and competent ones. They  have professional staff  as well as reliable equipment and means. In any case, first of all, you should call the organization and find out what resources are used for protection and how processing occurs. Usually, you can understand how professionally a service works  from the manager`s  responses.disinfection service bedbugs

In each country you can find out the results of work reading comments on forums or other sites.

Focus on Prices

The cost of removing bedbugs indoors depends on the size of the premises, as well as the notoriety of the company and the location of the house. Apartments in the city centre are processed  cheaper than in the suburbs.

The average cost of service is approximately  $0.75- $1.00 per square foot. If you are an owner of a large house, it can be very expensive for you, but these prices are unique to the region and the competition between companies.

What to DBefore, and After the disinsection service?

Before coming of the disinsecion service it is required to:
where bed bugs lives

  • spread out your bed, and clean it;
  • push the furniture from the walls;
  • put intopackages children’s toys and food;
  • cleancarpets on both sides, roll them, clean the upholstered furniture as well;
  • neither people nor pets should be in the house.

After the processing in a room you need to hoover the floor, do wet cleaning carefully, and ventilate all rooms. Some services offer to perform these procedures instead of you for an additional fee.

During the processing of premises it is undesirable for anyone but the disinspector to stay inside. After the processing you should close all the windows and doors in the apartment for a few hours and let the disinfection means poison bugs.

A Complex Cleaning of the Apartments from Parasites and Pests

Typically, a professional processing of premises from bedbugs kills almost all other arthropods, including cockroaches, moths, fleas, ants, wood lice and mosquitoes. Therefore, ordering bedbugs elimination service, you can be sure that you will get rid of all unnecessary insects.
Jack bedbugs-2

In some cases when processing houses, basements and trailers, there is a need for rats and mice elimination as well. This service is provided with the help of other means, and that is why such procedures are performed  for additional money.

In general, elimination of bedbugs usually turns out to be more difficult than with cockroaches, fleas or wood lice. So, if there are a lot of several species of insects in the house, you can safely order the disinfection of bedbugs and be sure in the cleaning of the apartment after their treatment.

Video about Complete Bed Bug Removal

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How to Select the Service for Bed bug removal
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