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Bedbugs are blood-sucking parasites that inflict painful bites typically on human being. Bedbugs have a special piercing and sucking device called proboscis, which is formed from its jaw, it looks like a tapered tube. Bedbug bites does not cut the skin, but only pierces the skin of the person and try to get their blood sucking device-proboscis into the blood vessel. These parasites have the ability to feel the blood movement in the veins, so it is possible to easily find the desired blood vessel.bed_bug_bites-3Bedbugs proboscis has a special structure: It has two channels which are inside it. One is to inject saliva-which act as anesthetics while the other is to suck blood. After the insect sucks the first portion of the blood, it travels through the body and repeats the bite, creating a series of 3-6 bites. This parasite sucks up to 7 ml of blood which is a sufficient amount of food for an adult bedbug to digest and rest for a week and a half. The regularity of bedbugs bite is based on the number of the parasites in the house. Sometimes, in highly infested apartment, a person can record up to 500 bedbug bites in the morning.
More so, matured bedbugs suck blood together with their larvae, which feeds daily. When larvae bite, they do not inject saliva, so the victim cannot feel the bite so much like that of adult bugs bites.

Bed bug symptoms

Rashes on the body is mostly as a result of bedbugs bite, you need to find out the symptoms of their bite. It is necessary to note the following signs of bedbugs bites:
The occurrence of micro-skin in certain areas is a characteristic of the bite.
The track is formed by swelling and redness of the skin; sometimes it is the main symptom indicating bug bites. Considering the series of bites, you cannot always know where the insect proboscis pierced in the skin because it is not always visible. However, the puncture is noted by a red point on the skin. This red point itch profusely and the pain is felt when the part is touched. A person with sensitive skin feels edema or swelling at the point of the bite. A bitten victim feels uncomfortable, appearing as such in a public place due to the profuse itching on the skin.


To recognize the bite of a bedbug, an allergic reaction can be a careful comparison. Bites redness is not continuous, it last for only a period of time. Skin rashes also have no swellings when bitten, but the area entirely results into rashes. An allergy occurs in human through the saliva that the bedbugs injected into the bloodstream before biting.

Unlike flea bites bedbugs bites forms red small spots or dots which are arranged at a small distance from each other.

How long do bed bug bites last?Bugs bite stings but common symptoms may cause other disorders if the infected point has been scratched. The symptom is that the temperature increase on the bitten place leading to general deterioration of health. In this case, the affected person needs urgent medical advice and medical care.

On human blood, which eats bedbugs, it is possible to establish the DNA of the victim within 90 days. Such data is used in forensics.

Due to the blood-sucking ability of these parasites, people often fear that they may become contagious by transmitting HIV virus. However, bedbugs, mosquitoes and other blood sucking insects cannot transmit HIV or hepatitis to man. The reason is that viruses do not continue mingling with the environment (with the saliva of the bug). When the virus gets inside the insect, it kills the virus, because it cannot reproduce in its body.bed_bugs_bite-7
Even if the virus remained active, it cannot be transmitted through the saliva of the insect. After all, through the same channel of the proboscis, the parasite enters analgesic saliva, and through other blood sucked from the host body. Special medical studies have proven that even in areas of high prevalence of HIV infection, which was at the same time a large number of infested dwellings bed bugs, there was no single case of HIV infection.

Bedbugs bite only at night.how_to_check_for_bed-bugsBed bugs do not usually show up in the day time, during the day time, these insects hide in warm places, but as soon as night falls, the parasites come out to hunt. This usually occurs from three to seven in the morning. Parasites cannot afford to be on a human body, otherwise they will not be able to reproduce and will die as a species. Man sleeping and motionless is a great way for bedbugs to get food. That is why, in order not to disturb the sleep of the victim, the bedbugs inject saliva as anesthetics. A man does not feel the bite, which makes it possible for the parasites to feed while remaining unnoticed.

Why is it that not all the bugs bite?

Bedbugs do not bite everyone in a room at the same time. Also they are not specific to a certain scent of blood type but they are selective when inflicting their bite because they choose a victim with a thin and smooth skin usually women and children. But may attack men with sensitive skin.bed_bugs_bites-1What matters here is that people’s body responds differently to the bites of these blood-sucking insects. Some bug bite will cause severe allergic reactions while some other bites in other places will be unobtrusive and painless. Sometimes the bites of parasites in humans last for weeks some disappear in the evening.
Bites occur on the skin of children as well as adults, but they prefer children skin, since their delicate and thin skin can quickly be bitten through its proboscis when in search of blood.
Bug will try to bite through the skin until it finds a place that he liked. The sensitive skin of the child at the same time begins to swell to twice as much. Children who suffer the bites find it very painful, so you to quickly implement treatment before it get worse.
Treatment of bites in children is the same as that of adults. We must ensure that children do not scratch the point of bite to evoke the infection.

Do bedbugs bite cats? Bedbugs prefer to feed on human blood, also pets- including cats, are not immune to their attacks. The most susceptible areas to bites animals are the axillary and inguinal folds zone. But the cat for a short time will be the host of parasites; if they are not accumulated in large amount or they are not starved. This can only happen in a highly infected area where no one has been for a long time, including man.bed_bugs_bite-1 

Some breeds of cats does not fear bugs bite. For example, sphinxes very thick skin, and they are unlikely to become food for these parasites. Some cats also has thick coat that would be an obstacle to the bedbugs, which are able to pierce the smooth epidermis only.

Thus, bloodsucking by bedbugs does not pose any treat for cats for two reasons:
If the room is at least occupied by one person, bedbugs in most cases will feed on the blood of the person. The bugs cannot feed on cat: due to the fact that animals are covered with thick hair and an elastic layer of the epidermis, the bedbugs are not so easy to get to their blood. For this reason, blood-sucking prefer people, not cats and dogs.
Cats, like their ancestors, prefer to hunt at night. Bedbugs are also nocturnal parasites. At the same time they both seek to gain an advantage at the expense of other species. The cat has a sensitive sense of smell so that an attack bug actively reacts to the secret of his prostate and can repel parasites.

How to treat the bites of bedbugs?

Upon detection of bites of bed bugs need to take the following measures:
It should be as soon as possible to take a warm bath – it will help ease the initial irritation bites.bed_bug_bites-1

You can buy in a pharmacy antiseptic agents that relieve swelling and itching at the site of bites of parasites. Along with antiseptics can lubricate painful place essential oils.
Be sure to buy antihistamine preparations to cope with a possible allergy. It should also acquire the funds against sunburn, which will dry the rash and protect the skin. To remove the itch takes painkillers.

From the bites of bedbugs folks use the following remedies:

The bite is treated with mint leaves for pain relief and relaxation. Dandelion kneads, to attach to the site of the bite and the bandage. Places bite is moistened with sponge soaked in urine to relieve itching and swelling. On the bite, apply a cotton swab soaked in the juice of garlic- it soothes irritation, reduces swelling and pain. Remove the swelling and pain and help the parsley leaves. To bitten area, apply plantain leaf or bird cherry and hold for 2 or 3 hours, and then treat with a solution of baking soda.baking-soda

The bulb is cut into several pieces and is applied to the side of the cut-off bites. Sometimes children scratch stings. In this case, the wound should be washed with warm soapy water. Blisters lubricated enough mint toothpaste or liquid ammonia, stir with water halfway.

Facts about the bites of bedbugs

Accumulation of the average number of bugs overnight can cause hundreds of bites. After a night or two all the open space of the human body are completely covered with bites.
It is difficult for the parasites to move around on leather, and polished metal surfaces, bedbugs do avoid such places, with this fact man need to consider texture surface when choosing bed. However, unpainted wood attracts these blood-sucking insects.
However, little treat bites; one should try to withdraw blood-sucking insects in the room. Since it is not easy to do, it has developed a lot of prejudice on this issue.bed_bug_bites-2There is an idea of ​​the presence of magical agent, able to deliver instant space parasites. After all, getting rid of these blood-sucking insects affects not only the characteristics of the means used, but the quality of treatment. At the same time there are more efficient and less effective drugs, some of them are safe to humans and pose a threat to the health of these parasites.

Larva bedbug looks almost the same as the adult, but is smaller. She has another unique feature: the larva is not able to allocate anesthetic secreting which makes it stings to be much more sensitive to human. In addition, the larvae for active growth need more food and they go out to hunt more often than adults.

Main means to combat bedbugs are:

• Aerosols: they have a weak fighter effect and minimal residual effect on surfaces. Designed for a one-time action and hit directly on the insect.
• Gels: do not have a high efficiency in the fight against bedbugs, since the concentration of the active ingredients in them is very low. The advantage is that it evaporates quickly, practically not absorbed into the surface, so have a long residual effect, sometimes up to three months.
• Dusts: it represents an insecticidal powder.bed_bugs_bite-5 Dust inside the sofa, in the folds of the upholstery, in the seams of mattresses, in baseboards, in cracks, etc. Exposure occurs due to adhesion of the powder to the legs of insects and their chitin cover, which ensures a contact insecticide and insect.
However, the powder does not fully withdraw the parasites.

To determine whether one or another product is effective, you need to pay attention to the following hallmark:

• Type of insect. Bugs are unusual insect with a particular behavior and a way of life. To destroy it completely, you can only view it. The most effective and convenient means is to use liquid formulations of insecticides.bed_bugs_bite-6
• The object to be processed. If processed apartment or living room, the first thing is that, you need to work on the sofa bed. In such places convenient to use sticky tape, toxic baits, as they act exactly in the bed.
• Security agents used. Applicable remedy for bugs to be safe for humans and animals kept in the house.
• Smell. All modern facilities have a specific smell which can quickly erode.

PS. If you have any problems with these insects, ask questions in the comments, we will try to help you
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Bed bug bites
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